Tuesday, April 17, 2007

In Japan with Jessica!!

We took a photo under the sign says "Welcome to Japan."

It was kinda exciting to be here in Japan together with Jessica. We have been having a good relationship for a while. We could've made a plan to come to Japan together by now. But, she made a different plan to come to Japan by herself and is going to Hokkaido where she used to teach English. I made my own plan to come back here to she my family. It's just happened for us to be here at the same time. So, I was glad to be here with my very very good friend, Jessica.

Jessica was sewing...sewing...and sewing and made a nice quilt.

I started finding things Japanese as soon as getting off the plane. Guess what it says... "HATE" I hate CAKES. People don't HATE cakes but I hate cakes most than anything else. So I though that it's funny to find such a thing and I took a picture in front of it.

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